Our Terms of Business

Perrin & Co (‘we', ‘us' or ‘our/s‘) is the trading name of Perrin & Co LLP.  Our client (‘you' or ‘your/s') will by definition normally either be an individual or group of individuals (trading or otherwise), a partnership, a limited liability partnership (‘LLP'), a limited company or an association or club.

When you appoint us to act (that appointment being either written, verbal or inferred) in either a personal and/or corporate capacity this will be treated by us as signifying your complete and continued acceptance and agreement to these Our Terms of Business as stated.

We are able to provide accounting, tax, VAT, payroll, company secretarial, bookkeeping and/or related business services. Unless you specifically request certain work to be either included or ignored we will consider the scope of our responsibilities to be as follows:

Individuals (non trading): Preparation of your relevant yearly tax return; calculation and advice concerning the associated tax position.

Individuals (trading): Preparation and/or review of your trading accounts as necessary; computation of the tax assessable business profit; preparation of your personal yearly tax return; calculation and advice concerning the associated tax position.

Partnerships: Preparation and/or review of the partnership accounts as necessary; computation of the tax assessable business profit; preparation of the relevant yearly partnership tax return; preparation of the individual yearly tax return for each partner who has engaged us to act in respect of their personal tax affairs; calculation and advice concerning the same partners' associated tax positions.

LLPs: As ‘Partnerships' above.

Limited Companies: Preparation and/or review of the company accounts as necessary; computation of the tax assessable business profits; preparation of the relevant yearly company tax return; preparation of the individual yearly tax return for each director or senior employee who has engaged us to act in respect of their personal tax affairs; calculation and advice concerning the same directors' or senior employees' associated tax positions.

Associations or Clubs: As directed by you.

Like most firms of our size and status the tax advice offered by us will be confined to general tax planning issues and the utilisation of general tax reliefs and allowances.  As such it must be noted that there is no duty on us implied or otherwise to acknowledge the existence of any sophisticated and/or niche tax planning schemes.  

Changes in Scope:
Should you require any changes to any of the above or wish specific work to be either included or ignored then your written instructions will be required.

Your Responsibilities:
You are responsible at all times for making available all reasonable and relevant information and explanations as required by us in our normal course of business. If usual day to day information or specifically requested details are not provided to us within a reasonable timescale or within a particular timescale as stipulated from time to time by us we will accept no liability or responsibility for any penalties, interest or other problems that may arise as a result.

You must let us know immediately if there have been or are about to be any changes in circumstances or any business issues which may impact on our ability to properly advise you or act for you generally.

You are ultimately responsible for all submissions of information to H M Revenue & Customs, Companies House, etc and so you should carefully read all documents and paperwork issued to you by us in order to ensure that there are no inaccuracies, omissions or any details needing further clarification. If there are then you must always alert us as appropriate.

It is a legal requirement for us to verify the identity of all new clients (and from time to time existing clients) and so you must supply us with sufficient evidence so as to do so, such as your passport or photo driving licence etc.

Payment for Our Services:
Unless otherwise specifically agreed by us by letter the frequency of our billings will be determined by us and our fees will be based on an hourly rate taking into account the level of partner and staff time assigned and the complexity of the work carried out. Our hourly charges may be revised from time to time without notice (currently set at between £50 and £150 per hour depending on the type of the work involved and who is performing that work) and details of the charges relevant to the work being carried out on your behalf will always be made available to you upon request. Should the work to be undertaken be terminated before its natural conclusion we will be entitled to our fees up to that point.

Minor sundry expenses incurred by us on your behalf will not normally be passed on although we reserve the right to recharge any larger ad hoc costs to you. Any recharges will normally be subject to VAT at the prevailing standard VAT rate as will our normal fees and charges.

We expect full settlement of any account raised by us in good time and within 30 days of issue at the outside. Failing this we have the right to charge interest on any balances still outstanding beyond that timescale at a rate of 3% over and above the NatWest Bank plc base rate in force at the time.

Should we act for an LLP or a limited company which goes into liquidation and/or can not meet its financial commitments these Terms and Conditions of Business confer upon us the right to seek recovery of any unpaid fees and charges on a joint and several liability basis directly from either of the partner members of that LLP or the directors of that limited company.  These terms therefore negate any safeguards or protection that may have otherwise been afforded under the Companies Act 2006 or similar in force at the time.

Should we supply an estimate of fees then this will be given in good faith but will not be considered as contractually binding and any work undertaken in addition to that related to our estimate would be chargeable in that event.

Handling Client Money:
From time to time we may receive tax repayments or other monies on your behalf. Whilst in our possession these funds will be held in a separate designated client account and under normal circumstances we will not retain them for any longer than is necessary with regards to obtaining bank or HMRC verifications etc. We will retain any interest derived from temporarily holding onto your monies as recompense for the cost of operating the client account, and for that same reason we have the right to keep any client overpayments or refunds received should their value in isolation or residual value be £1 or less.

Conflict of Interest:
Potentially, a situation may exist which presents a conflict of interest between your affairs and those of another client and vice versa. If this happens and we become aware of it we will immediately notify both you and the other party involved and await your separate responses and/or agreements before deciding whether to proceed further.

Professional Indemnity Insurance:
To help protect the interests of our clients we hold continuous Professional Indemnity Insurance cover the level of which is monitored annually to ensure that cover is deemed to be sufficient and appropriate based against the size of our firm and the overall make up of our client base. Upon request information about the insurance or guarantee and in particular the contact details of the insurer or guarantor (and the territorial coverage of the insurance or guarantee) will be provided.

Either you or we may terminate our engagement at any time by giving appropriate formal notice. Unless notice is given we shall assume that our engagement is to be automatically continued on a year to year basis.

Force Majeure:
We will not be liable to you for any delay or failure to fulfil our obligations caused by circumstances outside our reasonable control.

Confidentiality of Personal Data: 
We are bound by strict confidentially rules, as well the normal data protection rules. Full details are contained in our separate Privacy Notice.

Anti-Money Laundering and Bribery 
Alongside various other regulations we ensure rigorous and ongoing compliance with and adherence to: The Money Laundering Regulations 2007; The proceeds of Crime Act 2002; The Bribery Act 2011, and with all such subsequent revisions and amendments.

Basis of Arrangement:
Without prior notice and at our discretion we may revise Our Terms Of Business although at all times all wordings and arrangements will deemed to be subject to and in accordance with English Law.

This website:
In addition to the conditions mentioned separately in the ‘Terms of use' page on this site, the intention of this website is to provide general information about our firm. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the content of this site is accurate and up to date, errors may occur and so we do not guarantee or warrant that this site or the information contained on it is complete or free from errors and/or viruses. As such we accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever should you decide to act upon or refrain from acting upon any information contained within this website without first seeking the appropriate professional advice on the particular facts or circumstances at issue.

All photographs contained on this website are the property of Perrin & Co and download or use by others is not permitted without prior written consent from us.

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